Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Community Profile

Dakota Plains Reserve No. 6A is located 30kms southwest of Portage la Prairie, MB and 104kms southwest of Winnipeg, MB.

In 1972, the Sioux Village settlement near Portage la Prairie divided into two therefore creating two First Nations presently known as Dakota Tipi - near Portage la Prairie and Dakota Plains First Nation.

The people are Dakota, and the main language is Sioux, although some community members speak the Ojibway language.

According to the regional population statistics as of November 26, 2006, the First Nation has an on reserve population of 146 and an off reserve population of 82, and 13 other residents. The total First Nation population is 241.

The Dakota Plains School (MAHPIYA HDEGA) is First Nation-operated and offers grades K-8. The school began construction in October 2005 and opened for operation in September 2006. The student enrollment for 2008-09 was 75. The school was built to accommodate 100 students.

First Nation Government - Wahpeton Process
The Chief is Orville Smoke
**Note** Dakota Plains do not have official Councillors. The Elders Council, Youth Council, and Women's Council act in Council positions to form the Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation Governance.

Land Entitlement Status
The First Nation is not signatory to any treaties with the Government of Canada and is currently involved in an approach to an agreement with the Canadian Government for loss of use on Dakota lands.